Kakumani Venkata rao

(CEO & Director)

Mr.K.Venkata Rao is a Visionary, professional and expertise in strategic academic planning having over 18 years of work experience with strong analytics knowledge.Having a solid foundation as an  alumni of the prestigious IIM Kolkata & ISI Kolkata differentiates him to take on business qualitative and quantitative challenges in the globally growing field of Analytics. An extremely passionate and lives life on data adventure,he has worked across multiple verticals including Retail, FMCG,  pharmaceuticals clients .

Before founding Reachout Business Analytical Services Mr.K.Venkata Rao worked with Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, (ICAR), and participated in collaborated Projects with ICRISAT and CRIDA for over five years.  For the past 12 years he is associated with international clients and provided Data Science consulting for organisations like IBM Analytics Unit, GENPACT, DELL, Wipro, Met Life, Polaris, Cognizant, ICFAI etc..

Having worked on variety of Technical, Managerial and Leadership roles Mr.Venkat brings Technology, Administration and Business Management Skills in developing the Organisation.He is committed to improving the data science community delivering a wealth of experience through his Passion and Research.


Some of his Achievements interms of publications, articles and proceedings are below;


  1. IIM Bangalore AIMS 10th International Conference from January 6th to 9th of 2013 on “Elevating Performance Management System through Knowledge Management by K. Venkata Rao and Anjali Rai ISBN 978-81-924713-1-0.


  1. IIM Ahmadabad 3rd International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics and Intelligence April 13th to 14th of 2013, “f Customer Experience Adopting Mobile Banking Services in India” by Venkata Rao & Anjali Rai.


  1. IIM Bangalore 1st international conference on Business Analytics  and intelligence 11th -13th  Dec 2013 “Customer  Experience  adopting mobile banking services in india  by K.Venkata rao  Anjali Rai


  1. IIT Roorkee, International Conference on Research and Sustainable Business” March 8th -9th , 2014 “ Assess Knowledge Management Practices by Enabling Taxonomy in Software Firms “ by K.Venkata rao


  1. IMT Ghaziabad Delhi AIMS 11th International Conference from December  21th to 24thth of 2013 on Consumer behavior in Adopting Mobile Banking Services in India by K. Venkata Rao and Anjali Rai ISBN  978-81-924713-1-0.


  1. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research (IJEMR) by Venkata Rao and Anjali Rai http://www.ijemr.net/DOC/AComprehensiveStudyOfEmotionalIntelligencePracticeForAnEffectiveOrganization(405-411).pd. ISSN No. 2250-0758


  1. IIM Bangalore 3st international conference on Business Analytics  and intelligence 17th -19th  Dec 2015 “A Study of Customer buying behavior & E commerce: A Data mining Approach  by K.Venkata rao  Naveena Devi, Y. Rama Devi C. Rajeswara Rao,


  1. IIM Bangalore 3st international conference on Business Analytics  and intelligence 17th -19th  Dec 2015 “Elevating Cross Functional Team for Knowledge Sharing In High Performing Indian Organization  by K.Venkata rao  Anjali Rai,,


  1. Elevating Cross Functional team for Knowledge sharing in high performing Indian organization http://www.vsrdjournals.com/pdf/VSRDIJBMR/2016_6_June/5_Anjali_Rai_VSRDIJBMR_9859_Research_Paper_6_6_June_2016.pdf  Venkata rao  Dr. Anjali Rai,,